G2 Voice – June

  Ilinca Savu – our June Star of the Month

”She is working with passion, she doesn’t expect recognition or anything else. She is doing a lot of Pro-Bono working hours, a lot of extra tasks, her entire energy goes to G2, in her work; she is too devoted, too involved, so yes, she deserves all the G2’s recognition because she is a person that G2 can’t afford and shouldn’t lose.”

– Lavinia Nastase

“I would like to share with everyone about the business trip that Alice Bratu (Quotation supervisor for JKT & BKK market) went on. Alice travelled to Indonesia and spent 2 weeks in the JKT office. She is actually on the plane now, coming back to BUH. 😊

Her main mission was to develop her market knowledge whilst establishing good relations and communication with our colleagues in this office. Aside this she has managed to establish certain guidelines with the team there, which will increase the efficiency on both sides.”

-Raluca Iaurum, Quotations Manager

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