G2 Voice – September

                                                                                                                    Carmen Bran – our September Star of the Month


Why do you think your colleagues nominated you for Star of the Month? How would you describe the relationships you have with your co-workers? 
 I’m not sure what my colleagues’ reason for my nomination is but as far as I am concerned I always try to help whoever needs my support and guidance so this can be a factor. Moreover, the relationship with my co-workers is a very good one as in time we grew this relationship based on trust and commitment. Due to our good collaboration we always managed to find the best solution to any issues and to learn from each other.


What motivates you at a workplace? 
Daily challenges, people, and organizational environment – this is what motivates me and make me come to work with pleasure.


How would you describe your experience at G2? 
Here in G2 I met people who helped me to grow and exceed my limits. Each day brought a new lesson so I can say that this helped to discover a new me.


Anyone who works with Carmen or ever had a minor work related question for her knows how eager to help she is and how she always does it with a smile on her face and a positive attitude towards everyone. She is consistently friendly and available to others and she is setting an example for the members in her team with her motivation and her team player attitude. She should win star of the month every month.
– Lucia Dumitru, Operations Department

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